General Fitness

New Shoes

I went down to a running store (Big Peach Running Company – a quaint little place I never knew existed even though I’ve driven by it) and got some running shoes. The person who helped me seemed a little shocked (little is an understatement, actually) on seeing what I was wearing when I went it….


My First Run

Today, I ran on the roads outside my house. Ran for 3 miles.  The weather was just perfect. The first 10-15 minutes was uncomfortable. The middle 10-15 was tolerable. The last 20 minutes definitely tried to kill me and I had to walk up almost every mountain I encountered. I wanted to give it up and…


Why Why Why

After the debacle over my B’day and anniversary, a husband constantly telling me that running was the miraculous cure for my weight-loss plateau and post-partum depression issues, and blown away by a friend who had finished a half marathon; in a fit – of enthusiasm or temper, or both, I have decided that I am going to…