Revisiting 2011 Goals

I think I should review my goals and plans every quarter.Goals Improve my 5k speed from 37min to under 36 by the end of the year. – I am sure I can break 36 if I ran a 5k today. I’ve been able to do mile repeats at 12:00 pace with minimal walking in between….

Training Recap

The week in numbers

23 Weeks to ChicagoSummary Mileage for the week – 12 miles Long run of 6.2 miles with GetFit Atlanta Daily Splits Monday: Walk on home treadmill for 1.6miles at 8pm Tuesday: Mile repeats at Gym treadmill for 3.75 miles at 8:30pm (1mile x 3 at 5.0/12:00mph) Wednesday: – Thursday: –         (The…