The week in numbers

The week in numbers


  • Mileage : 13 miles (No long run)
  • Long run: 5 miles (Mid week run)
  • Other: Ab Ripper (second half) and p90x Stretch 

Daily Splits

  • M: 4.86 miles easy
  • T: – 
  • W: 3.18 miles easy
  • Th: 3 miles Tempo, Ab Ripper X (Second Half) The tempo at 5mph/12:00 felt tough for some reason. I need to find my correct tempo pace.
  • F: 600 yd swim. A very smooth swim after the first few minutes of panic.
  • S: 2 miles (Didn’t do the planned + 6 miles with the group. Kidlet (5) threw up from migraine headache and ear infection. I meant to go in the evening or the next morning, but never got around to it)
  • Su: – 

Plan for Next Week

  • M: 3 miles / 35min easy. 30DS
  • T: 5-6 miles easy, Ab Ripper/Core X (30min)
  • W: Swim, 30DS
  • Th: 3 miles/40min Tempo, Ab Ripper/Core X (30min)
  • F: Swim
  • S: 8.5 miles with GFA
  • Su: – 
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