Chicago will be my first Marathon. Being my first, it will be a special event for me. And of course I want to share my special event with the husband and kidlets.Β 
What’s the big deal to think about then?
  1. Lodging in Chicago is super $$$$. If I travel alone, even though I will be flying, I can share the room with someone. If we go together, atleast $1200 in lodging + parking (4-5 nights instead of 3 nights shared).
  2. The kidlets are 5 and 2. The younger one is a terror while traveling and sleeping outside her bed. That means I have to be mentally prepared to have crappy sleep the night before the marathon.
  3. The husband who’s patience meter hovers at 25% most days, will have to schlep the kidlets, stroller, snacks, entertainment, etc etc etc …. be on the lookout for potty places for my picky kidlets (yeah, that’s a huge one on the list at this age).
Makes a strong case for traveling alone, eh?
But how can I leave my best cheerleaders at home on a most important race?

Do you travel with your family and kids to your races? How do you manage the logistics and the cost?
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With Family or Alone?
  • Well, I’m going to do my first half “by myself” (as opposed to me + hubby running) and that leaves me with THREE awesome cheerleaders!!! I have to say, I’m excited at the prospect of seeing someone I know at the finish line. I’m looking forward to the kids being at the finish line for the first time. It’s local though, so there’s not really more expense involved. There *IS* potty coordination, but the hubby is pretty much a rock star with managing the kids. No worries.

    Ummmm…I dunno, Faux Runner. Your primary goal is to race. What decisions do you need to make to support your primary goal while you’re there?