Peachtree Road Race 10k – 2011

Peachtree Road Race 10k – 2011

If you set aside a slight matter of heat, hills and humidity, this was a super fun race!
Good organization, cheerful volunteers, plenty of crowd support and great food at the end. Any race that provides ice cream sandwiches at the end is a sure winner in my book!

Drove down to the start with a friend who was one corral ahead of me. Luckily, she is way more nervous than I am, so we got there with plenty of time to spare for 2 porta-potty visits and a good half an hour of chatting on the sidelines. I kept hydrating all through with the water that I was carrying.

They were very strict about checking corral numbers in the race! Those who were in a later corral were not allowed to move forward. Apparently, this was the first year that they introduced that. Makes sense for people trying to sneak ahead (like I was trying to go with my friend in the earlier corral), but frustrating for people who got assigned wrong corrals (like this lady who had a 1:55 in Georgia Half Marathon, but was in Corral P for 10k – way way behind a C/D that she should’ve been in).

All through Mile 3 was a breeze downhill. And it wasn’t yet that hot. Mile 4 was the Cardiac Hill and the  hills, heat and humidity was a bad combination. Mile 5 was just as bad and negative thoughts started through my head. Luckily, on the course, I was just focussed on drinking water and not dying!

When we turned on to 10th Street, there was a big photography stand set up overhead, the kind that is usually over the finish line. I was so happy and sprinted all the way down. And then … nothing, everyone continued running. It wasn’t the end. It was 0.3 miles still to go !!

Ever so thankful to enter Piedmont park, even though I didn’t meet my time goal. After spending 45 minutes trying to look for my friend, we finally headed back to MARTA. The walk back took longer than our race time.

And the T-Shirt … the famous T-shirt that is touted as a collector’s edition – doesn’t fit right on me. The generic men’s cotton T never does.

Look how smart I looked before the Peachtree.
And then, I had to go spoil it all by running.
I don’t really look that attractive after 6 miles of huffing and puffing, do I? 
I’m kind of over the black and white look too. Its sharp, but I like pops of color. I was the only dork wearing compression socks (I saw one other person with black calf sleeves). I’m not yet sure how I like the socks, but atleast it didn’t aggravate the blister I had after 11 miles on Saturday.
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