Resolution Run 5k – 2012

Resolution Run 5k – 2012

This has to be one of my favorite race pictures!

The most awesome way to start off the new year – running a 5k with some of your best friends!

Even though this was only a 5k, I knew I wanted to race this, not just “run” it. And that made me super nervous – just remembering my previous attempt at a PR during the Thanksgiving Half Marathon. Meeting with Karen and Jennifer calmed me down a little.

We positioned ourself somewhere in the middle, or even a little to the back. Just before the start, Karen asked, “so what’s the plan?” And instead of vague-answering like I usually do, I told her I was going to go for it. I wanted to race it. “All right, then.” was her thumbs up answer!

I took off weaving around people and Karen soon caught up with me. I hung around with Coach Karen for a mile after which I went on while she race-walked. I didn’t look at the Garmin, just ran. Walked a teeny bit when hills shot up my heart rate.

I was so focused on the time, I actually grabbed a cup of water, made a sprout and drank while running. I will not answer if the all the water actually landed in my mouth or if I got squirts up my nose as well.

I Ran more, ran faster, tried to run smoothly. Anytime my heart rate was shooting up, I kept telling myself to breathe and relax. I glanced at the Garmin for the first time at about 2.5 miles when I was getting a little tired. I was holding a sub-11 pace, and my mind was telling me that – it wasn’t telling me anything! It was trying to keep up with my legs, and I vaguely thought that I could get under 35min (which was my goal) if picked up the pace.

The finish was uphill and that I could see that my husband and kids were not expecting me so soon. My Garmin read 33:06 for 3.18 miles as I crossed the finish. I think I burst out crying as I doubled back to find them. Jeff Galloway’s predictor based on the magic mile had said I could run the 5k in 33:55, but I had been too scared to think that I could do that.

When the official results were announced lated in the day, my chip time read – 


Resolution Run 2011 – 37:08 (it was pouring rain and squishy shoes)
Resolution Run 2010 – 41:48 (first real race)

Have I come a long way, or what!! All those intervals and tempo runs that I mentally cry when I see them on my schedule – they have totally taught my legs to move and my heart to keep beating.

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