• That race pace for both the full and half marathon scares me! So does the 10k one actually.Β 
  • I’m supposed to run 26.2 miles at a pace that I’ve never even run half the distance at!
  • I’m running my long runs too fast (I knew that!). So no matter how much I think I need that ‘push’ and no matter how much other people push me into it, stick with the slower group because going out at 11:30 for the first 2 miles is NOT doing me any favors on even a 8-10 mile run.Β 
  • I’m not even aiming to achieve what my body is probably capable of (Ugh, can’t believe I’m actually backing off!). All I’m trying to do is run a 5:35 marathon @ 12:45 pace, which is 11 minutes faster than my current time.Β 
  • I think too much.

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Random Thoughts on My Pace
  • Don’t stress about it! The Mcmillan calculator is helpful for general guidance, but some people are better with speed, and others better with endurance, so most of the time the numbers don’t match up exactly. That being said, a little fear is a good thing- helps hold us accountable to training! πŸ™‚