Cultural Differences

Cultural Differences

Traveling to visit my parents, half way across the globe has given me a new perspective about how big a role running plays in my life.

Since I’ve been here a week I’ve
– slept a ton to overcome jetlag
– been stuck in this horrible horrible traffic for hours every time I venture out
– eaten a ton of unhealthy but oh-so yummy food available only here in India
– walked with my parents instead of run; which gets me outdoors but does nothing for my heart rate or weeks 18-16 to Chicago
– caused a mini-scandal by walking out in TShirt and Capris instead of the traditional Indian dress
– itched so so so badly to go for a run only to be stopped by gawkers and ooglers. Ugh
– taken recourse to yoga and some planks for maintaining sanity
– tried to make peace about gaining 10-15 lbs and getting back to zero running base

Sigh. I miss running.


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  • Hi Faux Runner!
    just found from Twitter?
    Not sure how, as Ive just joined,
    anyway, just stalked the crap out of your blog!
    Love it! adding it to my google reader now….

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