Shoe Tales

Shoe Tales

I’ve been running in Saucony Guide X ever since I was first fitted with a running shoe, 2.5 years ago.

When Saucony moved from Guide 4 to Guide 5, they changed something very important – The heeldrop. The new Guide 5 has a 8mm drop instead of 12mm. Not that big a deal on paper, but to my poor calves, made a ton of difference. And Dr. Peebles advised me to change shoes instead of trying to ease into them. (Why Saucony had to fix something that wasn’t broken is beyond me! It would have been far more easier to create a new model with the lower heel drop)
So I’ve been shoe shopping since. I’ll attempt to evaluate the shoes I try as I go along.

RIP Saucony Guide 4

The Contenders – 

Brooks Adrenalin

Asics GT 2170

Nike Air Structure

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