When Race Plans Fall Aside

When Race Plans Fall Aside

I was going to do the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run Walk 5k as my Tempo run for the week. But race plans fell aside and instead ended up having a lot of fun run-walking with Jennifer and Shelly. In a sea of 16,000+ people, we managed to find some other friends for some picture time!

It was a non-timed event, an annual event for corporate wellness. Very well organized for that huge crowd, plenty of food, 2-3 water stops, medics nearby, on course entertainment. I wish they would consider the option for a 10k as well.

My kids found Broc Doc and my little one was enthralled by him. Great music at the finish line party and the kids had fun dancing along.

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  • Yay for fun runs! Parties at the end for kids are great, too. 🙂

    • They always put up a great show. I was with the kids 2 yrs ago when DH ran and I had a blast too.

  • That looks like so much fun! Way better to do it for fun when you get the chance 😀

    • ITA !! Fun is what keeps me running!

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