The Beautiful 
It was a gorgeous foggy morning with some amazing January temperatures. I set out to run 12 miles on my favorite route – the Chattahoochee River Trails. 

The Ugly
About a mile into the run, something went ‘Ouch’ with my back and it hurt to run. Hurt very badly. But with such amazing beauty around me, I didn’t give up and instead walked 8 miles for a total of 9 miles; even though I missed out on the trail runs.

The Beautiful
Instead of moaning about my back, I looked at the positive – it didn’t hurt to walk.
So I walked another 10 miles the next day, for a total of 19 miles of walking in 2 days. I needed 12-14 miles this weekend, so this must count something.

The Ugly
The walks both days were slow. It was hard motivating myself to get out knowing that I would be walking and it would take forever.

The Beautiful
It was Mind over Miles and thinking about it one mile at a time, and focusing on the positive (like sporting a huge smile while crossing the finish line at Little Rock Marathon) helped me get through two long days.

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Have you had a beautiful/ugly run or workout? How did that go? What did you do to push out the ugly and make it beautiful? I would love to hear your experiences and how to see the positive in every situation. 

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The Beautiful and the Ugly
  • Ohmygoodness, that is a long time to walk! Nice job seeing the positives. I’d say that definitely counts for something. Hope your back is better soon!

    • Thanks Laura. It was a long walk!! But glad to know that I can walk if needed.