The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

Part of the reason I have not been writing as much as I’d like to is because I’ve been in a rut and my head was filled with negative chatter. Its nothing new and I go through cycles of those, But instead of being my sunny self and working through them, I’ve let it affect me on a deeper level.
Sickness, on-off mild injuries and life (in this case – LASIK surgery) has fed into the frustration that my training for Little Rock Marathon is not going as well as I’d like it to. 
Saying “Little Rock is going to be ugly” is all right in jest. When said once. 
But that thought played over and over to the point where I was cleared to start run but I thought “What difference is it going to make. It is going to be ugly anyway. I could just not do it.” 
That’s when I realized that I need to make a change. A mental change. 
As I start a new week, to keep myself happy and positive I will change the tone of my thoughts from negative to positive.
Instead of saying “Little Rock is going to be Ugly”, I am going to think “Little Rock will be challenging, but I will work hard to make sure that I can tackle it as best as I can, whatever be the future challenges”.
Instead of saying “I am not able to lose anymore weight no matter what I do” and give up and take a break, I am going to think “I may have hit a plateau, but I will keep working towards my goal.”
Along with my positive thoughts that will guide me to my goal, I will also visualize my success
I no longer see myself as tired and limping when crossing the finish line at Little Rock. I see myself tired (allowed after 26.2 miles) but happy and glowing as I cross the finish line (there is a lipstick stop at mile 26 to refresh myself, but I digress … ). I see myself truly enjoying the huge medal that set out this quest.
I see myself strong, lean and standing tall proudly from the efforts I’ve put in. 
Watch your thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become actions.
Watch your actions, they become habits.
Watch your habits, they become your character.
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.
– Unknown

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Connect with me during the week on other channels for more inspiration and positive thoughts.

Have you been bogged down so much by fears and doubts that it has hindered you? A tiny thought that has taken hold of you negatively? How have you changed your negatives into positives? 
Share your experiences and link your stories! I am looking to be inspired!

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  • We must have been on the same wavelength today 🙂 Glad you are ready to turn it around!!

    • Thanks Amanda. I am determined to see the positive in every situation. The negative Woe is Me has stopped me long enough!

  • I am in the same boat and my blog has been very quiet these past few months for the same reason. You have inspired me to get back to it.

    • You need to go back to write, Jen! I love the way you write!!
      More IM adventures please!

  • Ruts are the WORST. I am soooo happy that you are changing your mindset. That moment you decide to make the shift is ALL the difference. Best of luck with your journey; keep it positive! YOU ROCK!

  • I had an idea to do a blog post about what my strengths are. We tend to focus on the negatives about ourselves, but if we put a little effort into identifying what makes us awesome…

    • That is a great idea!
      We often don’t see ourselves with the strength that others see. And for us to see ourselves as we are is a huge step.

  • I’m with Axel, mainly because of my background as a counselor. Focus on your strengths. Reframe your thoughts and beliefs about events. Yesterday I had something negative happen to me and I started to get really angry. That is okay – anger has its merits. But I knew I couldn’t change what happened so I had to talk to myself and remind myself that I could present solutions to the mess up. So that’s what I did. But I truly did have to talk to myself. That works for me.

    • You are right!
      Focusing on strengths and positives changes the outlook to a situation. I’ve had to talk to myself in the middle of a run to get through it, but funnily never have applied it to real life.

  • Oh I so needed this today. I am training for the New Orleans marathon in Feb. I have been doing well with my runs until this week. I had bad runs through out the week and my long run today I couldn’t even finish. So frustrated right now! I need to change the way I am thinking. I know the run today was all mental. Hang in there!

    • I ran New Orleans last year. I loved it. I PRed and had a wonderful race.
      Bad runs are a part of the training. In fact, it is good to have bad runs so you will know what could go know and how to get through them. Good Luck with training and NOLA.

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