Three Things Thursday – Diva’s Training

Three Things Thursday – Diva’s Training

Instead of sharing something non-training related, I’m taking advantage of Three Things Thursday to share a few changes I’ve made that is worth mentioning and changes that I will carry forward.

1. I’m a runner. I need to run.

The Divas Half Marathon is only 12 weeks away and I want to go for a PR. I may not be prepared enough for a time goal, but I want a new birthday PR to erase the one from Feb ’12 (2:48). And I have the awesome exciting Ragnar Relay, Napa Valley coming up with the most awesome team of Bada$$ Mother Runners.

And as I have discovered, I am not one of those who can run 10 miles on the weekend fast and easy after a week of CrossFit classes. I love CF and CF has its place in my life to get stronger and lose weight. But as a runner, I need to run. Plain and simple. My goal is to run 3/week until Divas and then ramp it to 4/week for Dopey training.

I used to average around 60m/week while not training for a marathon. Logging only 30m/week isn't helping me.
I used to average around 60m/month while not training for a marathon. Logging only 30m/month now isn’t helping me.

2. I’m training, not getting a workout in.

I’m starting to view my days as training instead of workout. Every workout has a purpose. Even the CrossFit days. Instead of going hard on every single day, I’m staggering my hard and easy days. Right now, the 3 runs are “just run”, track intervals and long run. In another 2 weeks, I will be replacing the “just run” with a tempo and hill repeats (alternating). Swim and bike are cross training and easy recovery days.

This also means regular foam rolling and stretching, the two things I’ve slacked off when I cut back on mileage for CrossFit.

3. Food is Nutrition and Fuels my body.

It’s all great fun to say “I run so I can eat” and the other foodie jokes. But when it comes to reality, food is what fuels my body as as (faux)athlete. I’ve always known this of course, but I was always going to start eating healthy “tomorrow”.  After my depressing body fat results test, tomorrow started this week. I am cutting out all food that comes from a package and focusing more on vegetables and protein. After this week I’ve realized that eating healthy is in part being aware of what I eat. Do I *really* need to eat that cup of rice or can I wait until I roast some sweet potatoes? Do I *really* need to snack on that ice-cream or can I hold off with some iced water?

I broke this rule on Saturday evening as we went out for pre-Father’s day dinner. I had forgotten my protein smoothie and ate in my old way at the restaurant. While I put the guilt away at that time, my stomach felt miserable the entire next day. One cheat meal a week is fine, but even that cheat needs to be well thought of.

A lot more green and vegetables than other stuff.
Making the transition – A lot more green and vegetables than other stuff.


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  • #2 definitely is true for me. I see my “workouts” as having a purpose, not just getting healthy or being fit.

    • It is a progress that I’ve learnt to make from my loose weight days to be a better athlete days. Although sometimes it is fun to just do whatever 🙂

  • Recognizing food as nutrition and not an “indulgence” or a mindless activity is so, so crucial. Getting more in touch with my body and my hunger cues really helped me make the transition from fearing food to rebuilding my love for food.

    • Agreed!
      There is a delicate balance between respecting food and letting it obsess us. And it makes us better athletes (and healthier ones too).

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