Every Run is not the Perfect Instagram Moment

Every Run is not the Perfect Instagram Moment

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 The idea for this post started when I posted this photo of my minions to my Instagram account a few weeks back (Follow me if you already don’t!). It was a picture perfect moment with both the minions coming in first in their categories at a school “Reflections” event. The picture totally masked the fact that my 5yo had been throwing a tantrum just 20 minutes before and rolling on the floor!!  

Then ironically, I read this post about how life is not like Instagram photos.

Proud mom moment ! First Place for BOTH minions.
Proud mom moment ! First Place for BOTH minions.
Doesn’t capture my 5yo throwing a tantrum for 30 minutes before that!

It got me looking back at my own photos and I wanted to share my perfect Instagram run photos that do not always tell the perfect story. (Coincidentally  this also happens to be similar to the Friday Five Link Up hosted by DC area bloggers Eat Pray Run DCMar on the Run and You Signed Up For What?!  where this week’s topic is Five Fitness Snapshots.)

 1. This photo was taken at about Mile 9-10 of the Dopey Marathon. I am being a goof and a badass in the photo. 

Croc Dopey What this doesn’t tell is how miserable I was feeling and how badly my foot was hurting and exponentially increasing my misery. It took me quite an effort to accept advice, stop and reboot both physically and mentally.

2. This finishers photo from Chicago Marathon 2012 is one of my favorites! I’m holding out my space blanket like a superhero cape and I’m all smiles and just magnificent. 

Chicago 2012

What it doesn’t tell is the story of me running 26.2 miles with the Flu and running it all in a haze without knowing what I was doing for those almost 6 hours. 

3. I wrote about this in my Worst race. Another awesome finishers photo from last year. 

GeorgiaHalf2014 - Medal Blanket

What this doesn’t tell the viewer is the twinge of regret I had for “throwing” away the race by deciding to run for fun with friends. 

4. Beast mode is about right for this photo!!! It shows a strong attempt at some CrossFit Olympic move. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.39.49 PM

What it doesn’t show is the discipline for the past 8 months that went behind this photo. I could count on fingers in one hand when I gave a mediocre effort at the WODs. Why is it not perfect? Because this would go on to be my last week of CrossFit WODs πŸ™
 If I had not gotten onto the path of Dopey and now Augusta 70.3, I’d still be doing CrossFit and having some more of those beast mode photos!

5. This one shows 4 runners, three of us pointing to the girl in pink (Beth). Some story behind it for sure!

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 12.49.50 PM

Well … that story is Beth’s to tell. And I lied about it not being a perfect photo. It is. And I included this to show that while training for a major event is challenging and exciting, doing it with friends is even more fun! 

Do you have a photo that looks like the perfect Instagram snapshot but actually tells a different story when explained? Either a happy photo telling an otherwise story or vice-versa. 
Post a link to it with a story behind it!  

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  • Love it! I think everyone should share a little more reality so we don’t all compare ourselves to perfect moments!

  • Great post! It’s funny how we can “Stage” life in our pictures!

    • Totally! I keep thinking about picture perfect moments anytime we go out!

  • What a great post! often we go through many “takes” before we get that just right photo for public consumption. Good reminder. I love these pictures.

    • If only I keep all my tries on photos!

  • Great post…. behind every picture is a story and sometimes the story isn’t so obvious. Instagram is interesting to me in how people perceive the photos….

    • I get a little putoff with Instagram! Everyone’s run photo is just so perfect!

  • Kathryn Thayer

    A photo definitely only says so much. The person in the photo and story behind the photo are always worth so much more than they appear to be.

    • Agreed! If we could only capture the essence behind the photo.

  • Courtney

    so true! the behind the scenes is never as glamorous as the final shot πŸ™‚

    • Haha … certainly not glamourous at all!

  • I love your post. What the picture doesn’t tell is so much more interesting! It’s the real stuff.

    • Yes! I could do a whole bunch more on what lies behind the photo.

  • This is great. I try always to put a positive spin on everything I post. Because who wants to read about a whiner, right? It’s good to keep it real, tho.

    • That’s what I always think! Even when I want to whine, I feel like posting about it makes it seem like I’m looking for sympathy.

  • John Niedzwiecki

    It’s funny how they can really go either way, look great when things are not or look horrible when you’re actually great.

    • Very true. One can put a completely different spin on photos!

  • Love the idea that they all have a backstory – great post!

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