Faux Runner … No More: From FAUX to FAB

Faux Runner … No More: From FAUX to FAB

If you have visited my blog in the past, you will have noticed the new look to the blog today. I’ve been working to develop a logo for the past few weeks and that made me think about my name, my journey and my future. 

Who really is the Faux Runner? 

Five and a half years ago, the Faux Runner was a couch potato who took up running “just for three months, until the race is complete and the bling is earned”, and who stumbled through every step for three months, then for six months and then for a year. 

Then all of a sudden the not-stumbling anymore Faux Runner was signing up for marathons and crossfit and triathlons! And was unstoppable!

Friends and mentors starting called the runner the Faux Faux Runner.

But the Faux Runner still saw herself as “Faux”. She thought that a pace number that she couldn’t reach defined her as a runner.  

Not so faux runner
4 Marathons and countless Half Marathons later – Still Faux

Also, the runner was no longer just a runner. 

The “Faux” Runner had found her focus and drive as an athlete who was game to jump into a year of CrossFit, into Ragnar Relay with a team, into a weekend of Dopey running and into the world of triathlons, pushing limits and discovering herself. Unfrazzled by the demands as a full time working mom, learning the art of juggling kids and a traveling husband and changing schedules along with training. And more importantly, she found her passion to hold hands with others doing the same.

But the Faux Runner still saw herself as “Faux”. She still thought an unattainable pace number and a frustratingly out of reach number on the scale defined her.

Not Faux Runner
Crossfit, Triathlons and Ragnar Relays – Still Faux

Until this journey of figuring out who the Faux Runner was made her look back and see how she has transformed the Faux into FAB. 

When the Faux Runner finally saw herself how others saw her, she understood she was “Faux” Runner NO MORE. And that made her understand that she needs to embrace the fabulousness and utilize that to help bring out the FAB in others. And hence the foundations of the blog transformation started.

From Faux Runner  to

Faux Runner … NO MORE.


From Pink and the color of little girls to Orange of enthusiasm, success and determination with hints of life and energy in the green, while still retaining the sugar and spice and everything nice of the pink.


Faux to Fab
Faux to FAB: “Faux” Runner … NO MORE

(At some point, the blog domain will point to “Faux to FAB”. But until I can get that worked out, here I stay as “Faux” Runner … No More)

Why am I talking about myself in the third person?

(Even though it is super creepy)

Because I see myself in a lot of people. 

People of all shapes and sizes and paces and gender who hesitate. People who are afraid of whatever it is that they are afraid of. People who think that XXX is not for people like them. People who think that they cannot run a 10K or a marathon, people who think that they cannot learn how to ride a bike, people who think that they could not possible last a crossfit WOD, …

Believe In Yourself, Anything is Possible

There is fabulousness within us all. It took me a while to see my inner Warrior Princess Goddess (yes, that is a lot of superlatives).

I am learning to redefine my impossible. And I’m still redefining it everyday and pushing through what earlier I thought I couldn’t.

I want you to redefine yours too!  

Redefine Your Impossible
Redefine Your Impossible

Dream Big.
Dream the Impossible. 
Redefine your Impossible.
Be Fabulous. Everyday.

As Sara Bareilles asks in her song “I want to see you be brave” – What are you afraid of?


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  • Jess

    YES!!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! Congrats 🙂

    • Thanks Jess. Hoping to move in the new direction stronger 🙂

  • Awesome. Nice that you have realized you are not a *faux* runner (but you were a runner all along) and going for the rebrand. I did that myself, my first blog was ultranewby.blogspot.com. After a couple of years, I realized I was not an ultra newby any longer. Am going to add your blog to my Feedly and follow your adventures. Cheers!

  • definitely not faux anymore!! You go girl

  • Fairytales & Fitness

    I love everything about this post! You are fabulous for sure! Keep inspiring!

  • Love it. You’re not faux – you’re amazing! I kind of like the catchy URL though – you get to it and then you’re hit in the face with everything so NOT faux about the site. 😀

  • Jen M

    I love this!! Congratulations on embracing all of your many accomplishments and seeing yourself as the amazing athlete and person you are! I can relate to what you’ve said so much, as I’ve allowed elusive finish times and numbers on the scale limit what I believe I can accomplish. But I am redefining my impossible today – signing up for my first marathon! Thank you, as always, for your inspiration, and congrats!

  • Chaitali Shah

    Great post! This really speaks to me. It’s funny how often you hear that just running at all makes you a runner but how difficult it is to internalize that message and really believe that it applies to yourself. I look forward to reading more as you continue on your journey 🙂

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