There is amazing and then there is AMAZING! There is inspiring and then there is INSPIRING! That was brothers Brent and Kyle Pease of ‘Walking with KPeasey’ yesterday at the New York City Marathon.

Walking with KPeasey is a campaign affiliated with The Kyle Pease Foundation, Inc (KPF). Walking with KPeasey works to create awareness and raise funds in support of KPF. The Kyle Pease Foundation, promotes success for young persons with disabilities by providing assistance to meet their individual needs through sports and competition. Programs include scholarship opportunities, purchasing adaptive sports equipment, and participating in educational campaigns around Cerebral Palsy.

The Pease brothers have competed in several endurance events in the past including Ironman Wisconsin and Florida (read their IM Wisconsin race report – Kyle’s race report and Brent’s race report. Keep your tissue box nearby.) and were set to take on the New York City Marathon. 

Photo: Walking with KPeasy
Photo: Walking with KPeasy

They were flying through at sub-8 pace in the first half (I’ll let you have a moment for that pace number to sink in …).

Photo: Amanda Joy You can follow her on Instagram and her Blog
Photo: Amanda Joy
You can follow her on Instagram

Then the wheels fell off. Literally. With 13.x more miles to go

Walking with KPeasy
Photo: Walking with KPeasy

Lesser mortals might’ve settled for a DNF (Did Not Finish). Not these two. They found a bike shop to help them string a makeshift arrangement. One that involved ropes being tied to the axle of the broken wheel and Brent’s shoulder to lift/push/pull !!!!!! 

Walking with KPeasy
Photo: Walking with KPeasy
Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.06.11 AM
Photo: Walking with KPeasy

I am not able to mentally get past what this must’ve felt like. 

Their sub-8 pace slowed to sub-20. But they moved ahead, and kept on moving ahead steadily. I was riveted to the tracker and twitter/FB updates! When they that FINISH showed up on the tracker, I’m sure there were not many dry eyes left amongst friends and followers.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.50.06 AM
Photo: Amanda Joy You can follow her on Instagram
Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.54.07 AM
Other runners helping them when they could not push and turn the chair at the same time. Photo: Walking with KPeasy 

Determination, perseverance, inspiring, tenacity, grit, power – so many many adjectives come to mind but everything is inadequate. No matter what I try to write, it is not enough. 

Their moto is “Where there is a Wheel, there is a Way”. And they showed yesterday that even where there is NO wheel, there is a way!!! 

You can follow the journey of Brent & Kyle Pease along with other Walking with KPeasy members on their facebook page or on twitter and Instagram as they work to raise awareness and funds towards The Kyle Pease Foundation.

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Perseverance and Tenacity at the New York City Marathon