Just keep Swimming

Just keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming

Did I happen to mention that the first step is the hardest?

Well. I lied. Not exactly, but hard is relative.

If the first step was the hardest, the second step is hard too. So is the tenth and the hundredth and the one  after 6 months. If it were easy, we (and thousands of others) would be doing it without questioning things.

Don’t give up.
Just one little step after the previous one.
Just one foot in front of another.
Just one day after another.
Just keep swimming.

Dory’s song has been my running mantra for a long time. A reminder for me in times when I am overwhelmed by the massive dream that I want to accomplish, where every step is just hard as the first step. I remind myself that I don’t need to go fast, I just need to go.
I just need to keep swimming.

What is your mantra/inspiration when things overwhelm you? How do you keep forging ahead?

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  • I had a period of time where I was so….FRUSTRATED…with not being fast. Frustrated to the max. So much so, I’d pout and throw a pity party for myself…what’s the point? I keep doing what I’m doing, and I’m not any faster. Just keep swimming. Or running. Or whatever. It’s the TRY that matters!

  • Exactly !! It took me a looooong time to get over that WTF feeling. If only I could translate that mental strength to housework. I seem to be – it stays clean only for 14 minutes, so why bother cleaning it. Sigh. I’m trying.

  • “Smile, breathe and go slowly.” Thich Nhat Hanh

    Or in my case Goslow-ly…

  • I hear my Dad’s voice in my head, “This too shall pass, daughter!”

    and I hope to one day hear, “I’m so proud of you, daughter!” and that will keep going, most of the time.

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