Charles Harris 10K with The Kyle Pease Foundation

Charles Harris 10K with The Kyle Pease Foundation

I had another opportunity to run with  The Kyle Pease Foundation at the Charles Harris 10k this past weekend. My athlete was Lizzie, who loves going fast! Oh oh, fast and me don’t go along together but we were going to have a grand time!        

Charles Harris 10K  Kyle Pease Foundation

Charles Harris 10k is advertised as a fast course for the Peachtree Road Race qualifier. And Brent had said that it was an easy course with gentle rolls. And honestly, I’ve been training well and I wasn’t worried.

But what an humbling experience. 

The course didn’t feel fast at all! I was energetic all throughout, but my lungs deserted me (can I blame lingering chest gunk from allergies?) and I had to walk quite a bit up the hills. Not all walking though – this is where my ex run/walk days came to my help and I would do 30 seconds :: 30 seconds run/walk intervals. 

The first mile was ok, the next 3 miles not so much with long inclined stretches. The 4th had a nice stretch of flat/slight downhill before rolling hills of the last mile. We were not even close to anything that can be labelled fast (compared to the Heart and Soles 5K where I was going “fast” in some sections), and I didn’t want Lizzie to be the last finisher. I was so disappointed with the lack of the fitness level I had estimated that I had built up, but Lizzie kept me going. There was but one goal – to finish strong and for Lizzie not to be the last. 

We weren’t the last. We finished in 1hr 21min and there were about 20 people behind us. Lizzie was a trooper and was so patient with me. And fist bumped with everyone at the end.

Charles Harris 10K  Kyle Pease Foundation

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to run with the athletes of The Kyle Pease Foundation. I can only imagine how painful it is for my athlete to sit longer than everyone else and slower than they are used to, and yet both Aiden and Lizzie have been cheerful and I’ve loved this experience. And The Kyle Pease Foundation has continued to give me this chance to run with them in-spite of my pace.

Charles Harris 10K  Kyle Pease Foundation
This is one of my absolute favorite photos and needs a post on its own. How incredible to be surrounded with such amazing people!

Next up is the Georgia Publix Half Marathon. Last year, The Kyle Pease Foundation took 28 racers to the start line along with a host of volunteers. This year will be 40 athletes and their teams. And I will be there with Naomi, her mom Tina and Mr. FauxRunner – making up Team Naomi. 

With your generous support, our teams have raised $37,000+ for the foundation!  With your support, other individuals will get to participate in road races, triathlons & many other sporting endeavors. Every dollar helps and is 100% tax-deductible! If you would like to support me during the Georgia Publix Half Marathon, please consider donating at
We are extremely appreciative of your continued support. 

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  • hanzelboyzmama

    Wow! What a great cause! Sounds like Lizzie loved it!

  • De Bolton

    I love how you got paired up with a speedy girl. Lizzie sounds like a future running coach getting you to step it up. Awesome recap of a great cause!

  • Jennifer Pug Pug

    This is absolutely amazing! I love how Lizzie was able to push you through! This is a wonderful cause and I’m so glad you got to be a part of it!

  • That is so wonderful! What a great team you two are!

  • This just warms my heart i love that you do this!

  • What an amazing experience! How fun to have Lizzie to share the experience with. I’m sure she inspires you.

  • Elaine @myRUNexperiment

    It is so humbling when you run your miles for a greater cause! Congrats to you and Lizzie. What an inspiration!

  • This is incredible! Congrats on being such a great example ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Oh, what an amazing experience! I’m sure that was physically challenging, plus lingering allergies do make it harder.

  • Rachel

    This is so amazing, Smitha! Congrats and what an incredible experience. <3 <3 <3

  • Kimberly

    What an amazing and inspiring experience. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I love when we can use running as a way to make change and a positive difference.

  • Lisa @ Mile by Mile

    Looks like an amazing experience! Awesome job!

  • Thank you for sharing! What a fantastic experience! Kudos to you for making a difference ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Katie Shepherd

    Aw it looks like you and Lizzie had a wonderful 10k race together! That is so precious. Great job to you both! Good luck at your half marathon!

  • This is so inspiring! Congratulation to you & Lizzie on finishing this wonderful event!!

  • Toni

    What an amazing experience, congrats to finishing for such a good cause!

  • Kathryn Thayer

    What an incredible experience! I’m always in awe of those runners who are able to do something so selfless and push a wheelchair while running a race.

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