Cheering for Mom

Cheering for Mom

cheering for mom

I believe that my transformation from couch potato to (faux)runner started after my kids were born. Initially, while battling mild post partum depression, I stepped out for “some air” while Mr. FauxRunner would run with the minions in a jogging stroller. Oh, how I hated that walking from my front door to the neighborhood entrance!! But slowly it turned into the quest for bigger bolder things; and when the minions were little, I viewed running as literally running away for a couple of hours.

Other moms would write of running while their kids rode their bikes. Not me. My minions were late bloomers to bike riding and with a full time day job, I hardly got to see them before the early hours when I’d tiptoe out of the house to run (yes, many a run was aborted because one or the other minion would wake up and ask to snuggle with me). 

That didn’t stop the minions from supporting me and cheering me on in races!

We made my first marathon at Chicago into a family trip and my then 4yo (the little minion) absorbed it all and drew this at her pre-school.

Mother's Day
My then 4yo in 2013 (I believe it was just after I finished my first marathon at Chicago) – “Mummy ran a race and got a medal (the little blue thing). And it has rainbows because rainbow makes everything better.”

At Augusta Ironman 70.3, they made some great posters for me on race course. 

Mother's Day
“Whatever it takes, Do It.” – poster the no 6yo made
Posters from Kids
BEST cheering squad. EVER! (I did beat Daddy’s bike time, and she earned herself an iPod)

They don’t get to come to my races too often, mainly because Mr. FauxRunner chooses not to be coordinated enough to follow me around at races. The ones they come to cheer me, best . cheerleaders. ever! 


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  • Rachel

    So sweet. What wonderful memories!

  • Aww fun memories for you all! I kind of miss my kids coming to my races. I think they got kind of bored with it about 10 years ago ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Just think of the amazing example you’ve set for them! And that artwork on the posters is fabulous!

  • How fun that you have all these memories of your kids coming to races! Mine have long tired of it…

  • This is the sweetest and I can so relate! I love looking back and seeing the pics and realizing how LITTLE my kiddos were when I dragged them out to races. They truly are the best cheerleaders ever!

  • Michelle@Running with Attitude

    Love this! Some of my fave race memories are of my kids cheering me on along the course. Your kiddos made some great posters ๐Ÿ™‚

  • What a lovely reflection – your kids are watching and you are inspiring them! Love the posters!
    Great message.

  • Nicole Renee

    This is so sweet! What a great support system you have, and what a great role model you are!

  • Kimberly

    This is awesome! I love that your family 100% supports you and they are so proud of you!

  • I love all the family support and artwork! It makes it so much fun!

  • Kathryn Thayer

    I love that you have such a strong support system that clearly loves and supports what you’re doing. Keep setting a great example for those kiddos!

  • It’s great when kids get to watch their mom’s doing the things they love and work hard at. I too, love when my daughter’s come watch my runs. It makes them that muh more special.

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