10 Days to Marine Corps Marathon

10 Days to Marine Corps Marathon

It’s 10 days to Marine Corps Marathon. To help me with nerves, I am going to document and reflect on the training cycle and race plans  and perhaps later laugh at some of the crazy stuff I’m going through in taper. 

Marine Corps Marathon

Taper Craziness

I’ve gone through these action a zillion times

– checked that I’m actually registered for Marine Corps Marathon (Whew, bib# 8708 is still registered)

– checked the weather (it is out of my control, but checking it habitually is still a ritual. )

– tried to make wardrobe decisions (is mine to control for my comfort but I’m not able to decide on what singlet and what skirt to wear, do I put my name on it, solids or prints, decisions decisions …

– called the hotel twice to make sure my reservations for the weekend is still held.

The Positive

I did convince myself to stick to the training plan and run only 45 minutes of speedwork and not add on another 2 miles. 

Trust the plan! 



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  • Kimberly

    Wow only 10 days?! I feel like October is flying by! I can definitely relate to weather stalking as I did that many, many times before Chicago, lol.

    Good luck on race day and I hope you have an amazing race!

  • Chaitali Shah

    Sounds like you’re handling the taper well! Smart to check on everything 🙂 I did the same thing before my first half and I had the hotel room, I had done the training, but never actually registered for the race! Thankfully it was a race that still had spots open and I was able to register but boy am I glad I checked.

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