Training Recap

Looking back at 2018

I went back on my blog to look through past posts to compare my goals of 2018 to what was actually accomplished, but other than a vague I need to try for the sub 5:30 marathon time again after the failure at Marine Corps Marathon in 2017, looks like I never wrote any goals down!!…

Atlanta 10 Miler

Atlanta 10 Miler – Race Review

I have never run a 10 miler but the Atlanta 10 Miler is a very popular race with more than 5k runners. I wasn’t planning on it but jumped into the Atlanta 10 miler in the last minute and used it as a substitute for my taper long run.  Starting lines are a different kind…

General Fitness

September Shenanigans

Do you know what is harder than to start running after a break? Blogging after a break! I keep telling myself that I’m going back to my old schedule of 3 posts a week or to get inspiration from the other bloggers that I follow. But it’s been virtually non-existent, almost like I have writers…

Atlanta Kids Tri

Atlanta Kids Triathlon

Even though this is way long back (What’s a late blog post called? #laterblog? #LaterPost?), I wanted to take time to write out the Atlanta Kids Triathlon.  The Atlanta Kids Triathlon this year was held on August 26th at West Gwinett Park and Aquatic center.  The event with almost 1500 kids, is organized by the Metro Atlanta YMCA…

Training Recap

Summer Holidays 2018 Recap

Summer has flown by and school has started in our neck of woods, and hopefully the blog can emerge from woodworks too! It’s been way too long since I’ve consistently written – in part because of summer schedules and in part because of injury and not wanting to whine about it. So maybe instead of…