Tips for Spring Running after a Winter Break

Tips for Spring Running after a Winter Break

With the weather getting warmer (wait – is it REALLY getting warmer or is it pretending to get warm and then go back to cold?!!) and more daylight hours in the evening, lots of runners are stepping away from their winter hibernation and getting back to running. Or you might have cross-trained in the winter and are on the path to preparing for a summer/fall race. Before you start enthusiastically ramping back miles, here are some tips for spring running.


Ramp up slowly

Doing too much too fast greatly increases your chances of an injury. The general rule while increasing mileage is  no more than 10-percent increase each week. 

Go shoe shopping

It is easy to forget how old or worn your running shoes are, especially when you’ve taken a break. When was the last time you replaced your running shoes? If the answer is “I don’t know,” you are probably ready for new ones. 

Set a tangible goal

Whether you’ve been running through the winter or coming back from winter hibernation, setting goals can be very beneficial. Working toward a goal gives you added motivation for getting in those miles. Pick a challenging, yet achievable goal. 

Tame the allergies

If you have seasonal allergies and the spring weather makes brings out the worst in you, consider an anti-allergy or running on the treadmill when the pollen count is very high. 

Don’t get too used to the perfect weather

Spring weather is really one of the best times to run. Gently warming but still with the slight chill that makes for perfect running weather. However, it can also be unpredictable and go back to being bitterly cold! 

Do you take a winter break or continue training through the winter? 
What are some things you follow when winter transitions to Spring?


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  • Great tips! I typically cut back mileage over the winter although this year I ran the Gasperilla Amber Challenge in February. Gradually building back is key. It was a tough winter here.

  • Oh the allergies have just kicked in! Not ready for those yet 🙂

  • Spring is Iowa is really a crap shoot. Yesterday it started warming up, today was nice (50’s), and tomorrow and Friday it’s supposed to be in the 70’s….but it’s gonna be cold and wet over the weekend. UGH.

  • Rachel

    I just really wish we even HAD spring at this point!!!

  • Jennifer Pug Pug

    So where I live, taking a summer break is more the thing. From here until October, local races won’t really go longer than 5Ks, and unless you’re training for something out of state, there’s just not a lot of really long running. It’s too unbearably hot.

    But the same rules apply, for sure.

  • I run all year around. I’d be afraid to take any time off at this point in life! Kind of like the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” phenomenon.

  • Great tips! I’m still not very trusting of the supposedly-improving weather because it snowed fairly recently, hahaha. I really hope spring is here to stay though!

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