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Random Thoughts on a Friday Morning

I have a lot of thoughts tjat pop up randomly, some may not be as interesting to a reader. But they are my thoughts, my blog and my goal of just to keep writing until the act of writing becomes familiar and I can overcome writer’s block. I may not have as many readers as before, but I will be doing something I love – putting in what is in my heart into words.


Marathon Training Fatigue

Last week has been absolutely blah with regards to training. Even more so than the previous weeks. I didn’t feel any inclination to run at all, and even through I have done my track workout this week I still feel blah about waking up early and getting a run in. And the worst .- I…



#YouWillBeFound “So let the sun come streaming in‘Cause you’ll reach up and you’ll rise againLift your head and look aroundYou will be found” Have you ever felt emotionally breaking down for absolutely no reason other than a song, a song that you may have heard may times in the past without that extreme reaction? I…