NOLA 70.3 Medal for Frank

Source: Facebook page of Ironman 70.3 New Orleans

A group of us made the trip to New Orleans in 2012 to run the Rock ‘N Roll Marathon. While passing the various bodies of water, the triathletes amongst us remarked on the incredible choppiness (and perhaps a bit murkiness) of the water. That was my first introduction to a triathlon event in New Orleans. This past week, New Orleans 70.3 Ironman Triathlon was in the thoughts of a lot of triathletes. Not just the ones with friends and family racing. 2 cyclists were hit by a car at New Orleans as they were riding the bike course.

36 year old Frank Guinn, an Atlanta firefighter and father of 7yo triplets died and 40 year old Andrew Powell, Frank’s brother-in-law (also the general manager of Big Peach Running Co, Kennesaw, a local Atlanta running store) was hospitalized in critical condition.

Frank Guinn

Source: WSB-TV and

As an occasional cyclist, I’m not able to process my thoughts. Especially after reading how they were stuck (Reports seem to suggest that the hit wasn’t accidental. The driver was on a suspended license and a multiple offender. The driver has since been charged.). This also comes on top of some recent incidents of cyclists being hit in Atlanta.

Whether deliberate or accident, no matter who was at fault, no matter the legal rights on the road, the end of the story is that Frank died and AP is in the hospital.

Run for AP

A huge turnout to show AP all the love from runners & triathletes waiting for his recovery.
Source: Big Peach Running Co.

There can be long posts on safety as a cyclist, but right now I can only think of Meghan’s post on how to pass a cyclist.

How to pass a cyclist?

How to pass a cyclist?
Meghan blogs at

Along with the mental anguish of the disaster, I cannot imagine the financial battles the two families are going to be fighting. Friends and family have set up gofundme accounts to help with the burden and secure their future. If you are in a position to do so, please consider contributing to a fellow runner & triathlete’s family.

Frank and Kimberly Guinn’s Family Fund –

Andrew Powell’s Recovery Fund - 


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