Seen on My Run

February 10, 2016

Every Wednesday or sometimes Thursday morning, I run with some crazy girls at 5am. Crazy because they are willing to meet me at 5am, and nice enough to go at my pace (and because they are ultra runners who have some wonderfully crazy adventures!). When I drive to our meeting spot, I see the morning sky and I’m always enthralled by it. This week, it was particularly alluring – the crescent moon was smudged behind some clouds but the stars right next to it were clear. There was some broken up floating pieces of clouds up above, mimicking the look of the Milky Way Galaxy.

As I waited for my Garmin to catch the Satellite, I looked up.

And as I looked at the nothingness that held everything, I wondered …

What lies beyond Infinity?
Is it unexplored destinations?
Is it serenity?
Is it chaos?

What purpose do I have in this Infinite ever expansive universe?
Where is my place in all this?

So many questions that comes up just by gazing out to the clear morning starry skies. No wonder that expansive space has inspired many a traveler and many more science fiction writers. 

To be able to gaze upon the night/early morning sky is one of the greatest joys that brings peace to the soul and fires up imaginations. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 4.28.32 PM


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