About the FauxRunner

About the FauxRunner

Welcome to fauxrunner.com! 

London Marathon Race Report

I am Smitha, a “normal” person with absolutely no athletic bone in her body. A couch potato all my life and peaking at 203lbs, I took up running to lose baby weight and fight post partum depression.  

My mantra has been slow and steady. I have not let the fact that I’m a slow athlete (often finishing in the last 10%) deter me from taking on new challenges. Nor have I let the fact that I still struggle with weight issues deter me.

Weight and pace (and age) is just a number when it comes to enthusiasm and determination. I am passionate about how far running and triathlon has brought me and love sharing my journey so that anyone reading will know that nothing is impossible. Anything can be achieved as long as you are ready to work for it with discipline and determination; it doesn’t matter how fast/slow you are or how much you weigh. 

I live in Atlanta, Georgia with 2 kids who are budding runners and triathletes, and a runner husband.

Brand Promotions

I have worked with many brands by reviewing and holding giveaways of their products.  If you are interested in working with me, please contact me through the form at the end of this page, or email me at thefauxrunner at gmail dot com with details regarding your product and expectations.  Most promotional campaigns are much more successful when I am given a product to giveaway to my readers! Brands and products must be family-friendly. I am 100% honest in all my reviews.  Should you send me a product to review, that product will be mine to keep.

A sampling of brands with whom I have worked:

  • Run Rock ‘n’ Roll / Competitor Group
  • Fusion Sports USA
  • Gear Geek Box
  • All3 Sports
  • Rodale Inc
  • InknBurn
  • EvoFit
  • Vega
  • EnergyBits

Media Statistics  (as of December, 2018) 
Page views / moth: 5,000    Unique monthly visitors: 2,300
Twitter: 1,908  Pinterest: 1,287   Instagram: 3,513

Sponsored Posts – $150.00

I am happy to work with brands to create a post of original content.  The post will be 300+ words and will include images as well as no-follow links, per Google guidelines.  When the post is published it will be shared via Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Bloglovin’.  The post will continue to be shared on my social media sites for one week.  Let’s work together!

Sponsored Facebook Posts – $50.00

Need less than a full post but more than 140 characters?  I can provide you with an informative and fun Facebook post that can include photos and / or logos.  The post will be shared with both my Facebook and Twitter audiences – a bargain!  If you would like the post to be “boosted” there will be an additional $5.00 fee.

Sponsored Tweets – $20.00

Need to get your message out quickly and to a wide audience?  I can provide my Twitter followers with a 140 character message featuring your brand!



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