My First Ride Outside After Hiatus

It’s been almost 8 months since I rode outside the last time! I meant to keep riding through the winter, but since I jumped straight into marathon training, never did. And then when I got back from London, I was done with everything and just wanted a break. After being pumped up by Ironman 70.3…

Cycling in the rain

10 Tips for Riding in the Rain

This past Sunday, a small group of us had planned to go down to Augusta to ride the course. It was to be just another training day until the weather changed in hours and chances of rain went from 30% to 80%!! None of us were too thrilled about the rain, but since we had…

Race Wheels

So you want to use Racing Wheels?

Last week All3Sports let me try out some speedy wheels and I feel in love. I want to share what I learnt about wheels and hopefully this will answer questions that other newbies have about race wheels. Why should I get racing wheels? Race wheels or carbon wheels are lighter and more aerodynamic. They also…


My First Puncture

I had another bike “milestone” – a puncture. Or a flat, as it’s known here. A milestone that you never wish to have.       I was unloading my bike to take it to the basement for a trainer ride and noticed it. Luckily, it wasn’t on the way to a ride outside.   I changed…

Bike Nutrition Balls

Bike Nutrition Balls: RECIPE

I started riding long (3-4hrs) in May. Everytime around the 2.5hr mark, I’d get tired. I kept attributing every bonk to my lack of bike strength – I had only just started riding (on the the trainer at first) since mid-January. After all, everyone keeps talking about just pushing through and not whining. So when I bonked, I…


Training Recap: The much needed ride

Mid last week, I had another wave of panic about the Ironman 70.3 Augusta. My ankle has been in PT for almost two weeks now and while they are great and addressing the root causes (my glutes and hips), the ankle itself is still a bit sore and my running mileage dropped to 2-3 miles/week. Pop-up…