My First Puncture

My First Puncture

I had another bike “milestone” – a puncture. Or a flat, as it’s known here. A milestone that you never wish to have.    


I was unloading my bike to take it to the basement for a trainer ride and noticed it. Luckily, it wasn’t on the way to a ride outside.  


I changed the flat and finished up the trainer ride. No issues with that, thanks to help I’ve had from Cannon Cyclery and Westside Bikes, local Atlanta bike stores, while “practicing”.

However, I made a mistake. Instead of lollygagging watching TV while changing the flat, I should’ve been all brisk and business and timed myself to see how I stood in the event of a flat during a ride.  

Changing a bike flat

It turned out to be the joint of the valve and tube was torn – probably by repeated un-gentle tugs I give to take off the bike pump, after I fill air up before every ride (I always pump my tires before every ride). Lesson learnt – be gentle with the “Pink Panther” and she’ll treat you well!

Where did you have your first flat? Did you know how to fix it or did you have to get help?

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