The Evening “Runs”

I went out to run a short 3 miles on tuesday with Big Peach Running Company, our local running store. I’ve never usually made it out, but it was a short 3 mile instead of the usual 5 miles and my husband was home early, so I dashed over. The drive was where the dash ended.

I wilted about 1.75 – 2 miles into the run. There was a ton of factors – it was my first run/movement in 13 days, I haven’t acclimatized to the heat, blah blah blah, …, but the worst of all was the GI distress I had. Ugh. Sheer agony. I was writing up my post when I stumbled on this gem (link to post in the caption and the picture).

Source: Awesome post that perfectly said what I felt like
Source: Awesome post that perfectly said what I felt like

Which brings me to the question –

I rarely have GI issues when I run in the morning. However, every one of my PM runs have been .. having the runs (pardon the pun). Since I am very good at hydrating, I can only assume that it is something to do with what I am eating. I haven’t paid particular attention to what I am eating on the days of evening runs. But I intend to keep a log and figure this out. Wonder what I will find.

Are you an AM or PM runner? Do you have GI issues, or are you blessed with an iron stomach? 
What do you eat before you run? What about the meals during the entire day? 

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