Disney Marathon

Dopey Challenge Race Report – The Marathon

The day of the marathon started bright and early! Not really bright, but certainly early!  (Maybe I should stop calling it the start of the day and just refer to it as the continuation of the previous night’s party!)  Surprisingly, I wasn’t feeling nervous. All my nervousness was spent the day before during the half…


Dopey Challenge Race Report – 10K

After kicking off the Dopey Challenge with the 5K on Thursday, our strategy should’ve been to kick back and put our feet up. Instead, I dragged everyone along to Harry Potter world in the afternoon. And we walked around a ton (well, du’h!). So I showed up to the start of the 10K on Friday …


Dopey Challenge Race Report – 5K

We started off the Dopey Challenge 2015 with the 5K race on Day 1. The race was starting “only” at 6:15am, so not so bad wakeup time.  The weather ended up being cold and windy! Luckily, the costumes I had designed was going to be ok even with layers and layers inside! So the Fab…