Disney Marathon

Dopey Challenge Race Report – The Marathon

The day of the marathon started bright and early! Not really bright, but certainly early!  (Maybe I should stop calling it the start of the day and just refer to it as the continuation of the previous night’s party!)  Surprisingly, I wasn’t feeling nervous. All my nervousness was spent the day before during the half…


Hibernating my Dream

Back in November, I started the 6 month training path to my “Mystery Marathon“. I had my dream race picked for marathon #5 and all that was needed was to train consistently.  A destination race. In a city that I’ve always loved and I’ve wanted to visit again. I blocked flights for my family last Tuesday…


Goals for New Orleans

Plan A – 5:35 Finish at 13:00 paceI’d like to shoot for this, and I think I can achieve it. However, the weather is in the high 60s and I am not confident enough – of both the weather and my ability. I’m retaining this plan however, because you never know! Plan B – 5:45…