Hibernating my Dream

Hibernating my Dream

Back in November, I started the 6 month training path to my “Mystery Marathon“. I had my dream race picked for marathon #5 and all that was needed was to train consistently.  A destination race. In a city that I’ve always loved and I’ve wanted to visit again.

I blocked flights for my family last Tuesday with the intention of paying for them on Friday morning.

Thursday morning, due to unforeseen, unrelated circumstances, I was forced to change plans.

I had to made a hard choice to not travel to my Mystery Marathon.

But reality wins over dreams and that meant I had to give up the Mystery Marathon. Even though my husband tried to convince me to go to “take my mind off of things”, I know that the time and effort that would go into the trip would be better utilized back home. The Mystery Marathon will always be there, maybe in a few years or maybe it will remain a forever dream.  I choose to think of it as hibernating my dream for now.

Ironically, I will probably visit the destination city once or twice in the next 5 years, but just not during marathon weekend.

For now, it is back to local races and working to turn this bump in my life around!


Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 7.35.50 AM
One day …One day …  I will run here …
(Yes, I deliberately obscured the start line photo to let it remain somewhat of a “Mystery”)


Have you ever had to cancel a race because of factors other than injury or lack of training? 
How have you continued being motivated on having to give up what would have been a dream event?


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