When your teen says I hate you

When your Teen says I Hate You

Me: Good Morning, Love.Teen: **Grunt** **Pouty Face**. I hate you. Me: *Sit down for some breakfastTeen: Why do you always do this to me? I hate you. Me: Can you please wash & put away your breakfast plate?Teen: Ugh … **eye roll** You are so mean. I hate you. Me: Did you wash & put…


Yeti 24 hour Challenge

When you are sitting home doing nothing but work and more work, your “last” marathon (Boston) cancelled and nothing else in the horizon including your motivation, and you are “on a break” with running, dumb decisions are made. Like taking on the Yeti 24 hour challenge. 3 weeks ago, the Boston Marathon week actually, my…


Trying to be normal

2 weeks before the Tokyo Marathon was to happen, the race was cancelled out of concerns for the COVID-19 aka CoronaVirus. There was outrage and frustration from a lot of runners. Japan was miles away and the virus was something that was happening in China. In time the focus shifted to Boston and London Marathons….