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I am worth the effort

When I was training for Berlin Marathon and the summer was sucking the soul out of me, I thought that I had hit rock bottom. I was struggling to run sub-14 min/mile, struggling at anything over 90-100 minutes of running (which at my pace is only 6-8 miles) while training for a marathon. The last…

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Life in September

September has been a very surreal month for me leaving me wondering if I’ve been dreaming!!  My Birthday in September A birthday month is always the best. ON my birthday, some amazing things happened Solo birthday hike to HikeInn in the Appalachian Mountains Offer to “interview” for a promotion at work as I was hiking…

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Random Thoughts on a Friday Morning

I have a lot of thoughts tjat pop up randomly, some may not be as interesting to a reader. But they are my thoughts, my blog and my goal of just to keep writing until the act of writing becomes familiar and I can overcome writer’s block. I may not have as many readers as before, but I will be doing something I love – putting in what is in my heart into words.

General Fitness

September Shenanigans

Do you know what is harder than to start running after a break? Blogging after a break! I keep telling myself that I’m going back to my old schedule of 3 posts a week or to get inspiration from the other bloggers that I follow. But it’s been virtually non-existent, almost like I have writers…