Best Foot Forward – Pittsburg Half Marathon

Best Foot Forward – Pittsburg Half Marathon

When this bout of sickness knocked me off last week, my main thoughts were filled with frustration. 12 days to a goal race at the Pittsburg Half Marathon is NOT the time to get sick. But those germs don’t play favourites and sickness happens. 

I moped enough while I was under last week. For the first time ever, I took off 3 sick days (not that it means anything because the work and deadline is still waiting for me. That that I now have 3 less days to work on it). I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still frustrated and scarred memories of Chicago 2012 comes up. Acute Bronchitis was the diagnosis this time. And was the same last time leading to Chicago too. 

When I ran this past week, I tried not to think about it too much. But my mind kept thinking about how my legs feel and how my lungs feel and how they felt 2 weeks before and all that. And I posted that on Facebook and wise friends advised me to reset expectations for the race. 

So the wheels started turning in my head – The main purpose of this trip is a reunion with my BAMR Ragnar teammates. Peeps over PRs was one of our lines. So why was I even thinking about times and goals and …. ? Maybe I should just take it easy and hang back. And … 

BAMRs of Steel

That would’ve been a wonderful excuse for the me 6 months ago. But I mentally rebelled against it this time. The race may be all that I want it to be or it may not be.

I DON’T want to reset expectations. 

I DON’T want to not take a shot at what I’d planned. 

Most importantly, I DON’T want to sell myself short. 


After traveling all this distance, no taking the easy route out.

So I look forward to having a wonderful time, both in the race and before/after the race. 

Pittsburg Bib

After all, I run to go from Faux to FAB!

What Do you Run For? Pittsburg

 I will run my best tomorrow to REDEFINE my IMPOSSIBLE !! 

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