Changing My Life

February of last year, I had a sudden buildup of insanity and with only one year of faux-running “experience”, I signed up for the Chicago Marathon. After getting over my initial shock at my audacity, I joined Get Fit Atlanta to help me get to the start line. 
Over the course of the next 6 months, I logged more miles than I’d thought possible, laughed with some great friends, got advice from passionate coaches, and lived and breathed in the atmosphere (or the “bubble” as someone called it).  Of all the crazy things that life threw at me, the one thing that was a fixture was Saturday morning long runs and Monday evening track intervals (I did not join the group Tuesday and Thursday night runs). 
In October, I stood at the start line of the Chicago marathon, excited and nervous. Along with the three friends who physically lined up next to me, an entire group stood by me virtually and encouraged/cheered as I started, stumbled midway and finally finished. 
I have since done another marathon in New Orleans and I have no doubt that I will strive to do many more insane things (or things considered insane by the general population). For this, I credit not only my obsession passion, but also the support of this amazing group of people that is Get Fit Atlanta. 
They have inspired in me the burn to keep running. They believed in me when I did not see the strength within myself. They have helped me rediscover my running mojo when it went missing. They have motivated me to challenge my limits and not be limited by my challenges. They have helped me, the FauxRunner, to aspire to become a real runner. 
If you have a long distance race on your bucket/wish list, if you wonder if you can ever do it, if you want to challenge your fitness or step out of your comfort zone, if you want to take the first or next step – join Get Fit Atlanta at the 2012-2013 kick off at Cobb (Saturday April 14th 8am) or Kennesaw (Sunday April 15th, 8am). Find the support you need to get to your goals. 

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