New BFF on Saturday Mornings

Finally, after months of wavering, I joined a running group. I’m hoping that Get Fit Atlanta will help me get to the start line at Chicago.

I’ve had 3 group runs. I found out that I’m still very very awkward running in a group – especially where everyone is faster than I am. All 3 days, I was the straggler. I’m sometimes embarrassed, when someone slows down to stick with me and sometimes sad, when everyone else is getting valuable advice from the coach in the front pack. I’ve learnt to accept that I’m slow and it is what it is … there are other things that I could focus on – like that finish line at Chicago. And really – I do enjoy running alone, so running behind at my own pace in 2:1 is not that bad a deal.

I get to hang around with some really awesome athletes and enjoy a bit of adult conversation once I’m done(which I miss since I started working from home). I’m looking forward a season of training.

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