Chattanooga Olympic Triathlon – Packing

Chattanooga Olympic Triathlon – Packing

Tomorrow, I take on the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon. It will be my 

  1. First Olympic distance triathlon
  2. First River swim
  3. First out of town/overnight stay triathlon

One of my worst weakness is how much chatter I put in my mind leading up to a race, especially one that I’m nervous about (with 3 firsts in a race, I can be permitted to be just a tad nervous, I think). My personal focus for every race this year (after Dopey) is to stay calm and go to battle with my head high and heart even. 

It is the same for this Olympic distance. Get everything prepared, workout the logistics and stay calm.  chattanooga olympic triathlon 

Packing done and on the road to packet pickup. It’s going to be a big weekend. 

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