cheering for mom

Cheering for Mom

I believe that my transformation from couch potato to (faux)runner started after my kids were born. Initially, while battling mild post partum depression, I stepped out for “some air” while Mr. FauxRunner would run with the minions in a jogging stroller. Oh, how I hated that walking from my front door to the neighborhood entrance!!…


PTS Allatoona Sprint Triathlon

8 years ago, I couldn’t run/walk a 5k (heck, one KM) getting up from the couch and off. 3 years ago, I don’t think I could’ve done a sprint triathlon getting up from zero training.  I’m so thankful to be able to do that. And it looks like this particular race is my one race…


PeachKids Triathlon – her First Tri

The older minion trained and completed her first triathlon today.  Even though she’s 10, she’s a very very shy introvert who tends to live inside a bubble in her head. When I had asked her if she was interested in a tri, my hope was that the tri would give her the space and confidence…