Cold Weather Running – Just Do It

Cold Weather Running – Just Do It


Cold Weather Running - Motivation
Cold Weather Running – Motivation

Winter is here while bypassing fall altogether!!  But what a change from the hot humid days of summer! The weather lends itself to curling up on the couch rather than some cold weather running, especially for someone like me who runs the first thing in the morning.

How do you motivate yourself to get out when it is cold?
What do you wear?
What are somethings that are rarely mentioned when it comes to cold weather running? 

I’m going to share some of my tips over a series every week in November as part of NaBloPoMo! (I could share them all in one big post, but this makes for a more consistent posting as a series)

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The hardest step is the first step out of the door (as seen from my weekend run this past week). Once that is done, half the battle is won. 
So how do you motivate yourself to get out there in the cold (and sometimes dark)? 

I am sharing some things that have been effective in motivating myself through Winter.

Set a Goal

Sign up for a race or just aim to run X times/week or Y miles in a month. Plan to reach those goals and when you reach them, reward yourself and set another goal.

Last year I didn’t have a running goal. I have my yearly half marathon in March, but I didn’t really train for it. Instead, I did crossfit classes. A welcome change from having to face the cold!

Join a group/find a buddy 

Knowing someone is waiting for you to show up is great to propel you out of the door.
Ask around your friends to join you for a walk/run. Maybe they are motivated by your drive and want to start. Try local running stores for group runs. Almost all running stores in Atlanta has runs in the evening atleast once a week. Runs are free, you meet new friends and learn a wealth of knowledge from the store people. 

Get online support or accountability

When I first started running, I joined DailyMile and I had my goal on my profile there. Soon a small group of friends formed and we would ask each other about our weekly miles. It kept me accountable to get through my first winter season, also my first season of running. 

Now, I am part of this awesome sub-30 club on facebook where we have cheerleaders/motivators for an Early Morning Crew, Lunchtime Runners and the Evening crowd. When I internally groan about having to go, I just have to look at the stack of posts in the EMC (I am an early morning runner) and see that people with far worse weather have already finished up! 

Don’t be afraid of the Treadmill

If you can’t run in the cold for various reasons, so be it. Just don’t let those reasons stop you from running altogether. If you need to hit the treadmill, do it. 

I never call mine the “Dreadmill” because in reality, it is one of my BRFs when I can only run at 5am and there is no way I am going to go out in the dark and run by myself at that time. Or when the weather conditions are dangerous like ice.

Try something different like Trail running

A change of scenery (and pace) is great for spicing things up with your running. Many runners take to the trails in the fall/winter, growing stronger and developing more endurance in the process. Again, check local running stores or trail groups for initiation into trail running (don’t go off without knowing routes or telling anyones!). 

Prep for the run beforehand and Just Go

Layout your cold running gear so you don’t have to go looking for it. And don’t keep waiting to go for a run. Nothing is going to make that first step in the chill better. Much easier to get it over with and to come back and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. 

Cold Weather Running Gear

What about when you are finally ready to run? What gear do you need to make sure that you are comfortable in the cold?
Look out for tips on that next week!


How do you motivate yourself through winter (or through summer if you hate running in the heat)?
What are some of your cold weather running tips?

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