Throwback Thursday – First Marathons

Throwback Thursday – First Marathons

This week’s Timehop app brought up the following picture and I thought it would be perfect for Throwback Thursday. 

(I usually do TBT posts only on Instagram, but since I’m writing for NaBloPoMo November, I might as well write a short post about it.)

On November 5th, 2011 Mr. FauxTriathlete completed his first marathon at Savannah. Just a month before, I had completed my first marathon at Chicago. October 2011 was also our 10th wedding anniversary and we celebrated the milestone with the two marathons that we had trained for “together”.

Looking back, training for the marathon at the same time seemed much simpler than the juggling we have to do now. 

I ran in the mornings, he ran in the evenings.
My long run was Saturday, his long run was Sunday. 
I took care of everything else on Sunday. He took care of everything else on Saturday.

I look forward to the day when our crazy 8am-8pm work schedules and the kids’ schedules will let us train and race together again! 

The couple that runs together ...
Chicago Marathon (for me), Savannah Marathon (for him) – Fall 2011

(Timehop is singularly one of the most nostalgic things I’ve encountered on the Interwebz. And it gives you an incentive to post more on social media, which might not be a good thing personally. But is a great integration for Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc. But I digress .. that is another post for another blog category. No compensation of any form was offered to mention the Timehop app in this blog post.)

Do you train or race with your partner? When it is hard enough to arrange for regular date nights, how do you juggle work schedules and kids to train together (assuming you don’t have family nearby to help you?



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