The Hardest part of any Journey is taking that First Step

Hardest Part of the Journey is the First Step
Hardest Part of the Journey is the First Step

Why is that first step the hardest?

Because that step is what takes us into the unknown.
Because that step takes us farther away from our comfort zone where we have been for days, months and even years.
Because that step takes us down a long hard route when our body and mind craves for the short easy one.
Because that step into the unknown makes us falter like a baby taking their first unsteady steps.
Because that step makes us realize that deep down we are worthy of something better.
Because that step refuses to take our self-sabotage any longer.

My First Step?
I am not a hardcore running or a longterm runner (yet), so I do not profess to be an expert here. But my first step to lace up, get out and run was my hardest. My first step on every run is still the hardest, and my everything screams at me to turn back during the first mile.
My first step on starting a new project at work is still the hardest as I gaze into documents with a pen and white board.
What unknown fears does your first step present? Just take that first step. You will have nothing left to lose when you take the second step.
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