A Tiny ‘Personal Trainer’

A Tiny ‘Personal Trainer’

After I wrote this post, I realized that it was a actually a post on how cute my 5yo is. So for a short parent brag, continue on reading.

For those who know me well, you’d know that I’m obsessive when it comes to get my workouts in. And especially so when I’m trying to be a super-working-(mostly)Single-mom-wannabe-athlete. With a new client taking up close to 1hr commute time (each way) and missing out on my morning runs and CrossFit, I made arrangements to go to CF in the evening. But the weather was so awesome that I instead ended up on a “run” with my 5yo, my own tiny personal trainer.

We did 2 loops around my hills neighborhood (a little more than 1/2 a mile in total).

She encouraged me to run up the hills and when I stopped to walk, I was told to ‘never give up’. Whew! I know now who to have as a buddy when I do hill repeats.

We stopped to swing at the neighborhood playground and tried to see who could swing higher.She was good at self swinging and of course, I let her swing higher.  I blame the tiny swings that couldn’t hold my bottom in comfortably enough else I’d have gone higher 😉 .

When we got back, she insisted that we go yoga to stretch. She pulled in my husband and was the instructor. We were made to do a variety of ‘poses’, most of which were called “something dogs”; the rest she made up. We were no match for the little contortionist. Who knows, she might grow up to be a yoga instructor and torture teach people!

Then came a set of push-ups, sit-ups, mountain climbers and planks. I was somewhat surprised that she doesn’t yet know burpees. And I plan to keep it that way unless big sister teacher her. Ha!


My 5yo’s plank form seems to be better than my husband’s 😉

Most of the evening was spent giggling and I didn’t really break into a sweat (other than the hills she made me run). But I’d skip plenty more workouts for those magical moments.

Mother and Father Runners – Have you skipped a workout to goof off with your kids? Or do you turn your time with kids into your modified workout where you still get a good workout in?
Readers with no kids, we must seem crazy to you 🙂

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