Random Thoughts on a Friday Morning

Random Thoughts on a Friday Morning

I tried an Orangetheory Fitness class. I didn’t die, and I think I might like it if I wasn’t in marathon training. But I will be out of marathon training in a month and as I haven’t yet identified a crossfit box or a personal trainer to work with after the race, I might give OTF a try for the next couple of months.

We had a rare no-homework, no test day and it happened to fall on the same day as a soccer game, the US Open Cup finals that our team was playing in and we took advantage of it to go see the team win another cup!

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A new trophy for the ATL ?

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I have dark circles under my eyes. Really dark. People say that the eyes look beautiful, but I think the dark eye circles might be an indicator to the struggles I’ve been having on my long runs.

I’ve been listening to my FIRST audiobook – Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. It is very different than the only other audiobook that I’ve completed, the How to Train your Dragon series narrated by David Tennant, which is nothing short of amazing narration. I have about 4 more hours left and the only thing is that I wish I could “skip” the boring parts like you could if you were reading a book.

American Gods

I’m in love with the BBC mini-series North & South and the character of John Thornton and the actor who plays him, Richard Armitage. I’m writing up a review on North & South next week, but will have to reserve words to write about Richard Armitage as I don’t think I could do him justice yet.

I have a lot more thoughts popping up randomly, but I’d have to save that for a ‘random thoughts on yet another Friday morning’. And my goal is just to keep writing even random thoughts until the act of writing becomes familiar and I can overcome writer’s block. I may not have as many readers as before, but I will be doing something I love – putting in what is in my heart into words.

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