Q & A from the 3 (and more) Wise Men (and Women)

Q & A from the 3 (and more) Wise Men (and Women)


How do you deal with the morning after on chaffing?
Aquaphor helps protect and also speeds up the healing. Or … suck it up 🙂

Do you apply Aquaphor during your run?
YES! Before, during and After. (An overwhelming consensus that won’t make me as self conscious when I think that the moment calls for sticking my hand to certain body parts)

What else can you do to prevent chaffing?
Aquaphor the bra-line on the body and some on the bra itself (Aquaphor was the clear winner in the chafe battles!).
Paper Tape available at the drug store to prevent contact with the skin (I’ve been to the drug store twice to look up this miracle solution, but came out with medical tape which doesn’t stick to the body at all)


When I run by myself, I tend to go out too fast in the beginning. How do I regulate my pace?
Pace groups are a good indication of

How do I know what my ideal/realistic Marathon pace is?
Yasso 800s are a good indicator of what your marathon pace would be; building up to 10 x 800 meter repeats on the track, 3 weeks before the race.
Using a tool like McMillan’s Running Calculator also helps when you have a shorter distance race time. However … McMillan is on the agressive side with the chances of working for people who average 50-60 miles a week, compared to mere mortals (like me) who average 25-30 miles at peak week.

Strength Training

2 days before race food

Race Morning Breakfast

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