Recipe: Sweet Potato toast

Recipe: Sweet Potato toast

When I get creative with my veggies, I … well … I don’t get creative or fancy with my veggies. I love to just eat them all piled up together. But I had seen the “Sweet Potato Toast” being posted by a few friends and knew that I had to try making it! So I came up with an open faced Sweet Potato “sandwich”.


Sweet Potato toast with chunky guacamole and home sprouted moong beans.

It is so simple that I feel awkward even writing a recipe for it! 

Sweet potato cut into slices and toasted – I just used the regular oven, I don’t have a toaster over.
Topped with chunky guacamole and sprouted moong beans. 

Done! Fancy presentation and super tasty and filling. I added in a Vega Protein drink to this as well.

Have you tried Sweet Potato Toast? What’s your favorite Sweet Potato recipe?


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