Chaat: Indian Street Food (Vegetarian Recipe)

Chaat: Indian Street Food (Vegetarian Recipe)

Healthy Chaat

“Chaat” is a savoury snack that is typically an Indian street food. It is also a fast food and tends to fulfill cravings for the fried variety. Since it is a mix of a lot of individual food items, I adapt the basic concept to form this healthy version. 

This recipe is the healthy version of Chaat. I also call my healthy version “salad with an Indian twist”.

This one has 
– grated carrots
– cucumbers
– bell pepper 
– tomato
– cooked sprouted moong beans with coconut 
I’ll add in roasted sweet potato and some avocado. Add in a bed of chopped greens for better. This box works for 2 lunches for me.

It’s great also with cut raw mangoes, which I didn’t have with me.

I use cumin powder, coriander powder, cut cilantro and some chili powder with a pinch of turmeric drizzled with lemon juice as “dressing”/chaat masala.

When not on a clean kick, can add cornflakes or toasted oats with roasted peanuts for crunch. But I never need anything extra than what I have now.

Try it! It’s super easy to make and super addicting. 







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