Throwback Thursday – Signing up for my PR race

This week’s Timehop app brought up the following picture and I thought it would be perfect for Throwback Thursday. 

(I usually do TBT posts only on Instagram, but since I’m writing for NaBloPoMo November, I might as well write a short post about it.)

Just to clarify - This is  from 2012, not recent :)
Just to clarify – This is from 2012, not recent 🙂

3 years ago, on November 13th, just a month after finishing my first marathon at Chicago, I signed up for the New Orleans RnR Marathon. 


I never thought that Chicago would be my one and done marathon, but I didn’t think I would sign up for another one so quickly either. 

But after sort of mentally collapsing at Chicago, I had a lot of prove to myself. NOLA was going to be my race. My race that I ran without any outside assistance. So that meant, no facebook/texts that had gotten me through Chicago.

I signed up to show myself that I was strong. 

And the rest, as they say it, is history, with a picture perfect marathon training season and perfect execution on race day for a still standing PR.


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