Training Recap: Running and Real Life

Training Recap: Running and Real Life

We often say that running is cathartic, it releases more than just sweat and so on. Sometimes (most of the times), my running state of mind also reflects the curve that my real life is going along. 

This week had 2 tough runs that I successfully completed, and one run that I made tough on myself (more on that later). Similarly, I had a tough, long work week and managed to get through it successfully (I hope!). And then there are the weekends that I make tough on myself by scheduling the minions and myself when Mr. FauxTriathlete is out working! 

But through it all is the satisfaction of working through tough scenarios, both in running and work. And being appreciated for it, both in running and work.

Let’s get my body fixed!

After last week’s scare of the hamstring/calf/fascia causing shooting pains, I got in a second massage in 10 days. And it still felt like I had not had one in 4 months! Lots of work to be done there. I’ve been spending an extra 5-7 minutes after my run to stretch. And 5-10 minutes at night to foam roll. I can still feel bumps and lumps, but hopefully regular TLC will help.

Let’s fly on Cloud Nine!

My first hard run was the dreaded hill repeats. x 6 ! No more babying around with 3 or 4 repeats. Time to get serious with 6! 

Although daunting, I knew that all I had to do was get up that hill 6 times. Up and Down. Up and Down. Up and …

While the hill repeats were itself happily done (as happily as can be with hills!), the happiest feeling came from reading this – 

I was flying for the rest of the day :)
I was flying for the rest of the day and week 🙂

Let’s not get caught up in numbers!

When I reviewed my Garmin data later, I noticed that the 6th hill elevation did not register properly. The elevation does not in any way factor into how my workout was, but I was slightly annoyed that there wasn’t an even 6th peak to brag about. 

Garmin 910 apparently has a “known” elevation issue that many users have complained about. Is it worth me contacting Garmin about? I think I will let it go.
For now.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 9.56.44 PM
“I know I ran that hill and the elevation numbers don’t matter. But damn it … I ran that hill and I want the numbers to brag with!”


Let’s worry about something worthy, not something silly

What makes an easy run hard? When I make it hard myself.

Saturday’s run was an easy progressive 2 hour run. Even though I had a hard 2 x 2 mile repeats the day before, my legs didn’t feel tired and I started the run feeling easy. One hour in – I had to stop from GI distress (brought on entirely by myself – I didn’t watch what I ate the night before and I ate dinner at 9am, well knowing that anything past 7:30pm upsets my stomach). 

Once I resumed running after a pitstop, I don’t know what came over me.

A super silly memory trigged something not so nice.  

The analytical side of my brain knew that the emotional side was taking things too far and being very irrational. But there is no reasoning to be had with the irrational! 

And as suddenly as it had come on, it stopped.

I was wiping the sweaty tears with my yellow shirt and I remembered why I was wearing that shirt. I was wearing yellow to show support to Grace, a 11 year old girl who runs XC with the local high school, diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and going into surgery on October 20th for potential above-the-knee amputation. 

There is nothing that could justify my silly moodiness in the face of what Grace is facing and her positive attitude. 

The rest of the run was focused on happy thoughts and wishing for Grace’s recovery. Stay strong! #AmazingGrace

Let’s go on a Date

Saturday was my 13th wedding anniversary. Like every couple, we’ve had a rollercoaster ride and this was how I described our years together. 

We might not always be on the same page, or on the same book even. But we are certainly in the same trilogy series; supporting and influencing each other in the big picture.

While we have our differences (13 years of marriage will sometimes put you on opposing sides of the political spectrum), we have the same big goals as we did all those years ago. Similar things drive us and we both want the same things out of life.

Our anniversary “date” was the show that the minions performed in. 

Minion #1 as the “witch” in Hansel and Gretel’s adaptation. 

Minion #2 as one of the “Vegetable Pixie” in Hansel and Gretel’s adaptation. She’s the one in the middle.

Let’s just be awesome

Awesomeness all around!


How was your week in training or racing?
Share the awesomeness of the week you have had! 


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