Weekly Training Recap – Of Nerds and Bikes

Weekly Training Recap – Of Nerds and Bikes

After the high of my half marathon with The Kyle Pease Foundation last weekend, I was very upset to find that my whole body rebelled and was incredibly sore and tight in every place imaginable. 

I took Monday and Tuesday off with just walking and tried to get on the treadmill on Wednesday. After 30 seconds, I stopped in pain. My right adductor/hipflexor was beyond hurting. The weird thing was that I was ok while walking, doing squats and other leg stuff, just running hurt. It didn’t get any better even after icing and I called Amy, massage therapist extraordinaire and begged her to see me. Every little touch hurt me but she managed to get some movement back into my legs. 

I was able to run on Friday for about 30 minutes free of pain! 

Saturday brought along the Elementary Science Olympiad for minion 1 at the local high school. I totally neglected mom duties to go run on the track there! My speedwork has been on a treadmill, so this was a treat and I just had to run. I ran 5 x 400m with 200m rest and just as I was wrapping up, minion 2 challenged me to a “race” and I ran 4 x 100m with 100m rest with her. Pain free. 

This shows how bad my form is – almost upright and no high knee/butt kick. Although the robot capris are science nerdy cool.

I gathered up some courage and went out to ride with friends on Sunday. I was NOT mentally ready to ride, but I also did not want to run anything more than 3-4 miles given my impromptu speedwork the day before. I reckoned that riding would be a good low impact endurance workout. What was the worst that could happen – I would get dropped and I’d have to turn back sooner than everyone else and I’d have to crawl back in a death ride exhausted. All of which I have experienced in my #LongRoadToAugusta and so, enticed with a late start of 9am, why not! 

So I did. I rode for 1hr 30min on the flat Silver Comet Trail and I was thrilled! It did not in the least feel like I had had no bike training. I stuck with the group for the most part and more importantly, I felt good all throughout the ride. Sometimes out of the blue you hit a stride that makes you feel the love and enthusiasm – and that’s exactly how I felt after the bike ride. I don’t need to ride a million miles, even if I can ride about 25-30 miles consistently, I’d consider that a win for now.

But let’s go back to Saturday. The science olympiad that brought me to the high school track. 

Science Olympiad

I already mentioned that I abandoned mom duties to run. Well, this mom was also coach for one of the topics “Which way is North” (map reading). Now I’m NOT the kind of person who tries to cram stuff in at the last minute while walking to the test hall – if I haven’t prepared the kids enough in all these months, the last few minutes isn’t going to do anything (my same philosophy with race training). Unfortunately, that philosophy doesn’t seem to be shared by many parents.

Anyway, imagine EVERYONE’s shocked surprise when MY team won the FIRST place amongst 36 teams. And my first uncharitable reaction – TAKE THAT! Guess I’m not that bad a science coach after all. 

Science Olympiad

Track workout to get back into training for my next race – Revel Rockies Colorado 13.1 (more on this in the next blog post).
Great bike ride that made me encouraged to ride again. 
First place in the science olympiad. 

What could make the weekend better?

Minion 2 and made it even more sweeter by a therapeutic session where we both washed our bikes. She LOVES washing my bike and was even more thrilled to wash her own after her ride. 

Start ’em young!

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