You don’t have to go fast, You just have to go

You don’t have to go fast, You just have to go

The training plan for Little Rock Marathon called for 18 miles this weekend. However, in order to ramp-up not too quickly, I have been splitting my runs over Friday and Saturday. So 18 miles turned into 6 + 15/16 miles. 
And even though the miles were slow and long, I learnt some valuable lessons to remind myself when I am in the dumps

  • You don’t have to go Fast, You just have to Go
    At first it was daunting. 15 is a LOT of miles in a short ramp-up time (3 weeks, literally). But I have done it in the past and I decided to focus just on one thing – I needed the miles on my legs. I didn’t have to worry about speed (which is currently a huge not-so-good joke). 

Motto for this weekend’s long run.

  • It is Funner with a Runner Friend
    Saturday’s run was a little tough on my mind. I was going to be running alone and even though the route was mostly flat (that will probably come back to bite me at hilly Little Rock!), just 2 miles in and 15 miles seemed very very long. With absolutely the most wonderful timing, Christina, one of the faster runners, messaged me to see if we could coordinate part of my run as her recovery from the Disney Half Marathon of last week. A little bit of Math and she was there with me for my last 6 miles.

    Thank you, Christina, for pulling me through those miles.

    (Bonus – we went out to lunch and my Kidlet #1(6) couldn’t stop talking to Christina about books and all!)

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How have you faced a daunting run?
Have you prepped yourself beforehand with motivation or mental games or do you take it mile-by-mile?

Not just a run, how about other projects that you have faced?

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